What is SEO?

If you have been in the field of writing and publishing content on websites, you must have heard of search engine optimisation. This is one of the popular words in the mouths of website owners, domain sellers, and content writers. But have you ever wondered why SEO is so important to these individuals?

Well, how well your content is optimised determines how well your content will be ranked by various search engines. There are various search engines currently in use where Google and Bing are the leading. Every website developer and content creator wants their websites and contents to appear in these search engines.

Have you ever searched something on any of these search engines and certain content appeared on the first page? Well, the first search result that showed up is well-optimised, better than the rest. That should tell you that the writer or owner of that particular website has done SEO in their writing.

You may ask, how do you make a write-up content well-optimised? Well, in this article, you will learn how to make a content well optimised and perhaps apply the same principles to make your content rank higher in search engines. So let’s get down to business.

How to Optimise your Content

Use the right keywords

This is one of the ways of reaching out to your audience. In creating such content, you are given keywords that you need to base your article with. Failure to optimise the given keywords will make your content limited, and it will not be properly ranked on the search engine. These right keywords are known as the targeted keywords.

These are words or sometimes phrases that your target audience is actively searching for in the search engines. When you include them in your article, ensure you don’t use them excessively else it will result in keyword stuffing. Always do your audience research, keyword research, and the appropriate topic to use.

Make the content readable

Search engines will never rank your content on the first page if it is not readable. Coming in at the top of the search engine and on the first page is highly dependent on the readability of the article. This is the aspect that makes the audience decide to stay for long on your website. This time is usually used by the search engines to rank your website. In your writing always ensure that your content is logical, well-organised, logical, clear, and simple to understand.

Have deep content

Every SEO expert will tell you that content is the king when it comes to appearing on the first page of any search engine. For your content to rank better in any search engine like Google and Bing, you must expressly write your content in-depth. By deep content, we mean that the content should be above 2,000 words, have diverse angles of viewing the article topic, and can explain matters explicitly.

Use images in your content

A good article should have images that are well-optimised also to make the article rank better. It makes your content look more professional. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that the images are relevant to your topic.

Make use of internal and external links

You must have heard of inbound and outbound links. You must hyperlink some words in your article and direct the link to another article on your website; that is what is referred to as internal links. External links refer to hyperlinking certain words using an URL of another site.

Well, there is much in search engine optimisation that you need to know, and the above are just preludes.

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