6th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit

July 20th-22nd, 2015 - Los Angeles, CA

Piracy is, without a doubt, one of the greatest threats to the creative content accross a range of industries – and the challenges of fighting against it are continuous. The digital landscape on which these challenges are addressed continues to change, and pirates are constantly finding new ways to breach and distribute unauthorized material, obliging our security strategies and enforcement measures to evolve in kind.

IQPC’s 6th Annual Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit, taking place this July 20th-22nd in Los Angeles, is focusing on just those points! With recent FCC rules on Net Neutrality changing the atmosphere of the internet and new CyberSecurity challenges arising on a hourly basis - we stand at the forefront of new regulations and guidelines that will hopefully help you protect your content for the long-run.

By convening experts from across Film, TV, Gaming, Music, Software, Sports, and e-Publishing industries; along with content producers and developers, law enforcement, government policymakers, attorneys (both in-house and outside counsel), and association leaders - IQPC will assemble the industry to discuss and develop solutions to optimize your content and copyright protection processes and offer you an opporutnity to learn from industry peers, colleagues and competitors.

We look forward to seeing you this July!

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